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615 M
People live with a common mental disorder worldwide
Depression will be the 2nd cause of disability in the world
500 K
Canadian workers are on sick-leave due to a common mental disorder each week
~ 40 %
Sick-leave due to a common mental disorder
$ 51 G
Costs related to work disability in Canada
70 %
Of people living with depression do not seek help
50 %
Risk of relapse after the 1st episode of depression
Promoting, preventing & taking action lead to a positive return on investment
mental health and work

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Study and Research Centre in Mental Health & Work – Stakeholders, interventions and tools

“The Study and Research Centre in Mental Health and Work gathers seasoned researchers and graduate students who work with stakeholders (clinicians, companies, unions, peer support, etc.). Their goal is to facilitate work rehabilitation and professional return/reinsertion for people living with a common (such as depression) or severe (such as schizophrenia) mental disorder. Research also focuses on work rehabilitation for people experiencing other medical conditions, such as musculoskeletal disorders, breast cancer or cardiovascular disorders.”


The Research Chair in Mental Health and Work aims to support the research objectives of the Centre de recherche de l’Institut Universitaire en Santé Mentale de Montréal (CR-IUSMM) – Interventions and Services …

Innovative interventions

Development, implementation and evaluation: — Innovative return-to-work interventions dedicated to employees with a common mental disorder, involving stakeholders belonging to different systems such as, the workplace, the insurance company, and …

Measurement tools

— Develop, validate and use tools systematically in clinical settings and the workplace (e.g., Return to work Obstacles and Self-Efficacy Scale – ROSES; Work Accommodations and Natural Support Scale – …

Disclosure and stigma

— Evaluate why and how people make decisions on disclosing their mental disorder in the workplace. — Evaluate the outcomes of disclosure in the workplace: work accommodations implementation and stigma. …

Marc Corbière | Conference « La santé mentale au travail »

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